Lest We Forget: The John Ford Stock Company
(Bear Manor Media, 2013) 260 pages; $19.95

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John Ford (1894 1973) directed scores of memorable movies that feature countless scenes that linger in one’s memory. He is the only director to have won four Best Director Academy Awards; for The Informer (1935), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), How Green Was My Valley (1941), and The Quiet Man (1952).

There have been many biographies and film studies of John Ford and his motion pictures. There has never been a single volume devoted to his stock company of actors and actresses who worked for him, some continually, many intermittently, from his silent westerns of the ‘teens to his final films of the 1960s. This book spotlights 112 members of Ford’s fluid repertory company and includes a mini-chapter – and an individualized photo – for each member of the troupe.

And it was a diverse group. One wrote three books on the Baha’i Faith religion; another boxed the heavyweight champion to a draw; one eloped with Loretta Young when she was seventeen; one participated in the Yukon gold rush; a photograph of one player’s ear is the club logo for a professional wrestling association; another taught Lucy how to jitterbug; one was a legendary undercover agent for the OSS in France during World War II; another was a member of the advisory board to the Bank of America concerning loans to the studios; two were rodeo world champions. All of them, from legendary film stars to barely remembered character actors to obscure bit players, made substantial contributions to John Ford’s movie legacy.

Beyond the Beach: The Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute
(BLS Publishers, 2012) 92 pages; $9.95

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British novelist Nevil Shute (1899-1960) is remembered primarily for his novel On the Beach. But he wrote over twenty other fascinating novels that are still extremely relevant today.

The goal of this book is to stimulate an interest in reading and rereading some of the most entertaining, addictive, touching, and pertinent fiction of the twentieth century.

This book is divided into two sections. The first section, “Beyond the Beach,” is an overview of Nevil Shute’s life and career and consists of (1) a biographical sketch of Nevil Shute including a brief analysis of his work, and (2) a discussion of reasons why he should be read today and tomorrow. The second section, “The Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute” contains over one hundred quotations that demonstrate Shute’s perceptions of people, places, and ideas; they also illustrate his subtle humor, his gentle yet masculine use of language, his unique sense of timing, and his genius for succinctly capturing a universal concept with deceptive simplicity.

The book includes a Foreword by Nevil Shute’s daughter, Heather Mayfield.

John Ford: A Bio Bibliography
(Greenwood Press, 1998) 384 pages; $50.00 and up

Available on Amazon.

John Ford (1894-1973) is generally considered one of America’s best motion picture directors and has often been called its greatest. He is the only director to win four Best Director Academy Awards (for The Informer, The Grapes of Wrath, How Green Was My Valley, and The Quiet Man). This Greenwood Press volume, number seventy-eight in their acclaimed Bio-Bibliographies in the Performing Arts series, is a single-volume reference and research tool that offers readers and researchers the opportunity to quickly locate a wide range of significant data about John Ford and his films. Chapters include a forty-page Biography that focuses on John Ford the man, John Ford the director, and John Ford the legend; a Filmography that explores one hundred eighty-four films in which John Ford was involved; and a Bibliography consisting of approximately nine hundred primary and secondary sources.


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  1. Tee Dee

    Just read BEYOND THE BEACH. Provides a great appetizer to the work of Nevil Shute. Whether you revisiting ON THE BEACH which you read fifty years ago or are new to Shute’s work, Mr. Levy’s book serves to whet your appetite to read Nevil Shute novels. Among the many passages quoted that demonstrate Shute’s remarkable literary abilities is the one from LANDFALL (1940), that seems to eerily evoke the image of the fallen World Trade Centers the occurs some sixty years in the future; “though tall buildings start and crumble in the dust of their destruction”.

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