Born in California and raised on Long Island, Bill Levy is a retired New York City and Hopatcong, New Jersey teacher who now devotes his time to writing.  As a  teacher, an author, a film & media historian, and a humorist, Bill Levy is a man who has always relished sharing.

He is the author of Lawman: A Companion to the Classic Western (BearManor Meda) 2020; Lest We Forget: The John Ford Stock Company (BearManor Media) 2013;  Beyond the Beach: The Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute (BLS Publishers) 2012; and John Ford: A Bio-Bibliography (Greenwood Press) 1998.  All four of these books are available to be purchased on Amazon.  The two BearManor books  can be purchased at orders@benohmart.com or 580-252-3547.

Bill has been publishing his humor columns, “Levy’s Wry,” since 1980 and his movie columns, “Forgotten Gems” and “Reel Gems,”since 1987. He is also the co-author – with Frank Fredo – of a western screenplay, “The Battle of Adobe Walls.”

He has recently completed a speculative fiction collection of 300 fabricated celebrity encounters titled Meets and has begun working on a second book.  These fabricated meetings between well-known individuals take place  in America and England.  Meets covers the years 1850 to the present; Meets II will encompass the years 1775 to the present.   © 2021 | All Rights Reserved

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