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50 Plus Monthly

Since 2001, I have been writing a movie column  for the monthly New Jersey periodical, “50 Plus Monthly.”  Until last year, I focused on reviews of “Forgotten Gems,” overlooked and overshadowed movies from Hollywood;’s Golden Era.  Recently , I have been writing critiques of “Reel Gems,” enjoyable motion pictures from the ’70s,  ’80s, and ’90s.  This past October, I discussed “My Cousin Vinny;” this month, I discussed “They All Laughed.”  In the December issue, I’ll review “Prancer.”

“50 Plus Monthly” is available on line, at  Enjoy.

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Hello Again

After a long hiatus, I’ll be active again on this site.  For the past few years, my energies have been focused on completing a project on fictitious celebrity interactions.  I have recently completed two manuscripts each containing 100 chapters.  The Introduction to the first, MEETS: 100 Fictitious Notable Encounters, is printed below:

There have been scores of speculative stories, books, plays, and motion pictures portraying fabricated encounters between the well-known.  Meets will add to that canon.  It describes one hundred fictitious meetings spanning the years between 1860 and 2016.   Seventy of these “meets” involve only real people; thirty involve at least one fictitious character.

Some of these interactions may involve a common interest; some may involve a romance; some may be whimsical; some may be somber.  Many of these encounters are positive; some are adversarial.  Taken together, these meetings provide an opportunity to examine the tapestry of Anglo-American history over the past six generations through the eyes and ears of over two hundred fifty noteworthy names and faces.

Readers may be very cognizant, slightly acquainted, or totally unaware of these individuals, and thus each chapter’s references and asides will have varying degrees of familiarity.  A coda after each story titled, “Facts among the Fiction,” provides additional information and clarification.

In each of these one hundred chapters, readers will be challenged to identify at least one of the celebrities.  There are clues to his or her identity and also an occasional red herring.  Many of these episodes include a luminary’s actual words.  By the conclusion of the chapter, the identity of the person will be revealed.

Hopefully, after experiencing the “meets” in this book, readers will not only think, “This could have happened,” but “This should have happened.”

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