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Twenty Memorable Movie Endings from Hollywood’s Golden Era

To celebrate the end of a yet another year, here is a listing of twenty memorable movie endings from Hollywood’s Golden Era (the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s) in no particular order.   

(1)     Gone With the Wind

(2)     The Searchers

(3)     Casablanca

(4)     Citizen Kane

(5)     Some Like It Hot

(6)     The Maltese Falcon  

(7)     King Kong

(8)     It’s a Wondeful Life

(9)     Scaramouche

(10)    Land of the Pharaohs

(11)   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington   

(12)    The Greatest Show on Earth

(13)    Young Mr. Lincoln

(14)    The Grapes of Wrath 

(15)    Shane

(16)    The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

(17)   The Wizard of Oz 

(18)   Stagecoach 

(19)    Rear Window 

(20)    Annie Get Your Gun 

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I’m Back!

I’m Back!

After a hiatus of several months when I’ve been focusing on completing my new book for Bear Manor, Lest We Forget: The John Ford Stock Company, I will begin to update this website/blog.

Hopefully, the book will be out in early 2013.

The listing of Scheduled Events of my movie programs and book signings have been updated.

Within the week, and to celebrate the end of the year, I’ll be listing twenty movies from Hollywood’s Golden Era with memorable endings.  (At the beginning of the year, I offered a list of twenty films with unforgettable beginning/opening scenes).

The Best of Holidays to you all.

Pawn Stars rule!

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