Guest Blogger #1

Each week, I’ll post a blog from a guest blogger.   The first guest blogger is Gary Swinson who writes about my “Levy’s Wry” humor column on the “The Drawbacks to Being a  New Year’s Baby”:

Greetings, Bill. I enjoyed your article on New Year’s babies very much for I, too, was born on New Year’s Day. Any many of your observations really clicked with me and with my early recollections. As a child, I received the combination holiday gifts, as you describe. And I never had a birthday party on my birthday as a child; it was always moved to a more convenient date. I am told that one summer when I was a child, I walked around our neighborhood and invited everyone I encountered to my birthday party — in August. Since my mother had no idea who all I had invited, she decided to go along with the party idea but called all she thought I might have invited and asked them not to bring presents. I have a copy of the article that appeared in our small-town local newspaper describing the event.

Thankfully, my wife makes me a lovely birthday cake each year on my birthday, and even if no one else is interested, she and I enjoy cake and ice cream to celebrate the event.

Thank you for your posting; it brought back lots of memories.

– Gary E. Swinson

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